Where children learn riding easily!

Do you want to point your daughter to our Pony Club for the little ones?

Our prices are affordable. Take advantage of our class bonuses.

Summer couple

Is your daughter or our SUMMER COUPLE already signed up? You will learn and practice riding through gamesand practical classes, all in the pleasant company of other boys and girls your age, under the direction and supervision of our teachers.

We still have some places available.

Find out!
Phone 555-555-5555

Riding lessons

The best teachers!

It is possible to take classes inEnglish, Russian, French, German.

Depending on your level, we canalways includeyour child in one of our groups, where you will be welcome.

In addition, you can also receive private lessons, with our horses or with your own if you prefer.

Mountain walks

Enjoy a great day, riding with our best horses.

Make a great equestrian route prepared by our teachers so that beginner riders enjoy and connect with the nature that surrounds us.

Why do not you call us and report?
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